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Black Hawk Mines Bulletin: Black Hawk Mines Bulletin PRESERVATION AND PROMOTION OF MINING GHOST TOWNS. Content About Privacy Policy Terms and Conditions Black Hawk Mining Articles Black Hawk Mines: Copper demand expect to rise Black Hawk Mines Bulletin is all for the preservation and promotion of mining ghost towns that are widely being neglected across the world. We support historical sites and promote the rebirth of current mining ghost towns that still have a lot of potential in generating income and historical value.
Black Hawk Mines Bulletin: About: Black Hawk Mines Bulletin: About This blog regularly publishes news and details regarding mining-sites-turned-ghost-towns to educate people interested in history and to gather support for our cause from different parts of the world. Our group is presently working alongside other associations to keep ghost towns, like the BlackHawk , Colorado, in the map; perhaps, even to try and make them a tourist spot.
Black Hawk Mines Bulletin: Privacy: Black Hawk Mines Bulletin: Privacy This Privacy Policy is applicable to Black Hawk Mines Bulletin. It explains how Black Hawk Mines Bulletin collect information from users of this Blog and how we use such information. Your use of the Blog constitutes your acceptance of this Privacy Policy. When you visit this Blog, we may collect certain data that does not tell us specifically who you are. This is “Non-Personally Identifiable Information.” It includes things like your Internet Protocol (IP) address, browser type, and the last domain you visited before coming to our Blog or the domain you go to when you leave. It also includes various statistical data such as which pages you visit on our Blog, how long you stay on them, and what you click
Black Hawk Mines Bulletin: Terms: Black Hawk Mines Bulletin: Terms Black Hawk Mines Bulletin wants to further the discussion and welcomes your views. Comments on any post must be relevant, respectful of others and suitable for a general audience. Comments should not violate any laws, contain solicitation for services and goods, contain spam, be knowingly false or contain foul language. Black Hawk Mines Bulletin may remove comments at any time without notice. If a commentator is found to be in repeat violation of these guidelines, the user may banned from the Blog. If you decide to post here, you will be solely responsible. Comments are the views of the person who posted them and do not reflect the opinions of Black Hawk Mines.
Black Hawk Mining Articles: Black Hawk Mining Articles A recent survey conducted in Australia shows that although their mining sector is enjoying a boom, services sector is in an opposite condition. Most of the contraction was caused by a decline in new orders among the various players in the services sector while sales and prices also fell. Just 2 out of 9 sub-sectors (namely, personal and recreational services and finance and insurance) included in the survey has grown during the month. The increased activity in the mining sector is not positively affecting the remaining sectors of the local market
Blackhawk Mines: Copper demand expected to rise : Blackhawk Mines: Copper demand expected to rise Two of the biggest mining firms in the world, Rio Tinto PLC and BHP Billiton Ltd are teaming up to invest over USD 4 billion to boost their copper output, according to their announcement on Tuesday. Rio and BHP have staked their investment on a high copper demand worldwide as they approve plans for USD 4.5 billion expansion of their Escondida mine in Chile. BHP is even reopening their copper mine that has been out of commission since 2009 due to the global fiscal crisis. The mining site that will produce molybdenum concentrate and copper is expected to have a yearly production of around 60,000 tonnes. Moreover, BHP expects that this resumption of operations will provide for 650 new jobs.

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