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Zynga is planning to launch a new gaming service that will enable users to play on their own website without logging in Facebook, possibly cutting traffic dramatically in the leading social network.

This move is the game firm’s boldest move to build their own online presence apart from Facebook, the source of 93% of their profit. Investor reactions seem to be generally positive as Zynga’s stocks rose by 10% to USD 14.48.

An analyst says the Zynga’s creation of their own web portal will certainly make them more independent which is good in maintaining a separate brand that is not always connected to Facebook. But considering that they are not really going to pull out of the Facebook setup, their earnings probably won’t suffer that much.

Their re-imagined web portal is planned to come live before the month ends, aiming to make it easier for users to play games.
The game portal Zynga has envisioned also includes quick access to message boards and live chat where players can communicate.

Five of the leading games of the firm is set to debut on their new site, zynga.com, that include Words with Friends, CityVille and CastleVille.

The chief operating officer of Zynga announced that players can choose opponents in games even if they are not friends on Facebook.

But according to Zynga, they simply do not want users to be limited to a single destination for them to be able to play. They can still choose if they want to play on the new Zynga website, on Facebook or on mobile.

Games from Electronic Arts and Zynga are a big reason why users are logged in Facebook for long periods of time.

Their website is set to offer third-party games along with Zynga games, live chat and profiles. Introducing a stand-alone site is a huge step away from Facebook where the gaming company has become viral.











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