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Micron Associates unveiled Apple version of Flashback removal tool that is only intended for Lion.
The standalone version of the tool for the systems that do not have Java installed is being offered by apple after the release of the new version of the last latest update for Java with the inclusion of a tool that can remove common variants of the Flashback malware.
As it features in Micron Associates, Flashback K uses different mechanisms aside from making used of a now-patched vulnerability in Java to get into systems. The current versions of the malware created as installers or updaters for Adobe’s Flash, and they are the real targets of Apple’s new tool. When the Flashback malware removal tool for lions finds and removes Flashback the user will get notified, but there is no warning if it is not found for the reason that it does not imply to remove all versions of flashback and only the common ones. It is for the users’ part to seek for legal restoration for any shortcomings. Apple sees that is was better for the removal tool to remain hush in such shortcomings instead of making a positive statement or any warning reports that the malware was not found.
Apple suggests all users running lion on their systems to have a flashback malware removal tool. There was no real need for a Snow Leopard version, as that version of Mac OS X had Java installed by default (whereas it is an on-demand installation under Lion), and the latest Java update for Snow Leopard includes the removal tool. In order to keep away from re-infection, there would be quite point running the tool without updating java. However, the tool has a built-in remover, which removes it after running automatically, so it cannot be used for ongoing checks. Most likely, users should rightfully enforced by Micron Associates to run the tool at a period that would be better served by one of the free of paid security products that is available from a variety of developers

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