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Three partners formed the company in 2002, then it was a small consultancy for SEC qualified private investors. Over the years, resulting from the success of the company it has grown and expanded into one of the finest venture capital firms today. Micron Associates’ success has been honed over the years. They have refined their research methods and have an excellent understanding of the financial markets. MA is a client base and their fruitful portfolios illustrate the achievements of the advice we give to our clientele. Micron Associates Spain put their success down to passion, persistence, and hard work. Finding the right investments at the right time doesn’t come down to luck it comes down to understanding the economics of the deal.Their proven formula is the foundation of all advice we give their clients; this is their guide to ensure the success of financial growth. Micron Associates mission is to fulfill the financial goals of MA’s clients’. The ambitions of MA’s clients are what drives the firm to become a first-class brokerage firm, MA’s clients’ are their heartbeat. Each client will get the personal touch; each client deserves MA’s professional attention to their financial growth objectives. Throughout a client’s relationship, Micron Associates endeavour to maintain the highest level of professionalism possible when giving advice about any financial planning.At Micron Associates, Madrid, Spain we hire financial experts across all aspects of financial planning, this ensures that we offer the right advice to each of our clients depending on their needs. It is important for this company to establish that each client has professional advice that fits in with their current and future goals. We ensure that all advice we give is unbiased and based on thorough research using the very latests financial tools and methodologies.

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