Asil Nadir returns to the UK to fight for justice ビジネス

Mr Asil Nadir has returned to the UK from Northern Cyprus in order to fight to clear his name and get justice after almost two decades of exile. Mr Nadir comments "We've a mission to fulfil. Somehow, having endured this injustice for 20 years, I feel it's time now to put closure to this in a most acceptable way."
The defence team from Bark & Co Solicitors with Mr William Clegg QC and Mr Dean Armstrong are committed to ensuring the delivery of a fair legal process that had been previously been denied to our client.
Updated 26.08.2010 - 22:35:
Mr Nadir returns today to the UK to fight for justice. This follows last month's successful application in the Central Criminal Court (the Old Bailey) that enabled his return from Northern Cyprus to fight the charges against him.
Mr Nadir agreed to an exclusive interview with Sky News to talk about why he is returning to fight the accusations against him. Watch a pre-interview here.
Sky News will be broadcasting a special documentary "Unfinished Business: Return Of Asil Nadir" at 7.30pm on Friday 27th August.
The Times has been granted access to Mr Nadir's preparations to return to the UK and also with coverage and a video interview.
BBC news reports his return here
ITN covers his return here.
Mr Nadir will appear before the Central Criminal Court (the Old Bailey) on Friday 3rd September for an initial hearing, where a timetable for the case will be decided. Bark & Co Solicitors will then advance an abuse of process argument.
Updated 23.07.2010:
Following meetings with Mr Nadir, Bark & Co have instructed Mr William Clegg QC and Mr Dean Armstrong both of 2 Bedford Row Chambers. After a long and lengthy examination of all previous Court appearances, a important discovery was uncovered by the team which led to the matter being listed for a hearing at the Central Criminal Court (the Old Bailey) today.
Despite previous advice that the Court would not entertain any bail application being heard in the absence of Mr.Nadir, our defence team disagreed with this approach and were shown to be correct in their interpretation of the present situation. Mr Justice Bean agreed with the application being heard in spite of the SFO's objections. The outcome was that bail was granted and the outstanding arrest warrant was quashed.
For the first time since 1993, it was conceded that Mr.Nadir was free to obtain a British passport so that he could return to the UK on condition that he appeared at the Old Bailey on the 3rd September 2010. The arrest warrant was also dismissed because it was agreed that technically Mr. Nadir was not on bail in 1993.
The Times Reports on 7th June 2010:
Asil Nadir has instructed lawyers in a fresh attempt to clear a path for his return to Britain, The Times has learnt. Mr Nadir, 69, who was a Conservative Party donor, fled to northern Cyprus in 1993 to avoid a £34 million fraud trial centered on the collapse of his Polly Peck business empire. His decision to abscond forced the resignation of Michael Mates, a junior minister in John Major’s Government, and provoked a political scandal."
Updated 07.06.2010:
Mr Nadir, who now runs a media company in Northern Cyprus, wants to return to argue that there was a grave abuse of process in the case brought against him by the Serious Fraud Office (SFO). He alleges that the police and the SFO placed the Judge in his case under improper pressure, made false allegations of corruption against him and his advisers and seized documents that were necessary for his proper defence.
As a wanted man, Mr Nadir would face arrest if he returned to Britain. It is understood he wants a guarantee of bail if he returns to fight his case. He has hired Bark & Co, the London Solicitors specialising in Criminal Fraud defence work, and a leading QC has been instructed to examine the case.
Press & Media Note:
Bark & Co Solicitors will co-ordinate all interviews with our client. Any official press releases, comments or statements will be issued via this website. Please contact us at with all enquiries relating to this case or our client.

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