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It is reported that the Met Police will now investigate a News of The World link concerning the Daniel Morgan Murder (R v Vian & Others).
Details reported [here] in the Guardian
Mr Glen Vian, represented by Bark & Co, was acquitted in March 2011.
Fred Bunn has been instructed by Glenn Vian since the mid-2008. Not guilty verdicts were entered against MrVian and the other defendants, following complex and fiercely fought challenges to the Crown’s case during protracted pre-trial legal argument. The initial investigation into the murder of Daniel Morgan in 1987 was deeply flawed, and many compelling leads were not pursued properly or, in some cases, at all. The level of public resources expended in this most recent investigation is simply breathtaking. The Police bought the house next door to Mr Vian, in order to conduct thousands of hours of intrusive covert surveillance upon him and his family. They released false stories to the press in an effort to trigger incriminating conversations. When these efforts failed to produce any cogent evidence, a case was built against these defendants using “Supergrass” witnesses, and considerably flawed Serious Organized Crime & Police Act (SOCPA) agreements. It will come as no surprise to right thinking people to learn that those of the worst character, facing many years in custody for crimes including drug trafficking and attempted murder, will say anything in order to secure a massive reduction in their sentence and/or substantial financial benefits. The position is very much worse where, as in this case, a SOCPA witness is told in advance what the case theory is, and simply has to repeat it to gain his reward. The defense has, in the course of pre-trial legal arguments, been able to discredit the Crown’s case so that, one by one, the evidence of these witnesses has been excluded by the trial Judge or abandoned by the Crown. The recent legal arguments which preceded the collapse of the case were led by our defense team, based on a document found in the unused material by a solicitor of this firm.

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