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These are our some of our cases of note:
R v Nadir
Description: Bark & Co have been instructed by the former CEO of Polly Peck International (PPI) in an alleged multi-million pound fraud. The client faced 66 counts of Fraud & Theft, but failed to appear in the 1993 trial. Mr Nadir has returned to the UK to fight to clear his name.
The trial date is now set for January 2012.
Significance: One of the first high profile SFO prosecutions.
R v Ravjani & Others
Bark & Co represented a client accused significant involvement in a complex contra-trading MTIC fraud. The alleged fraud was of a scale that prompted the Government to proffer the case as an explanation as to why the UK balance of payments were adrift for a particular year. Unfortunately, reporting restrictions prevent us from publishing the full outcome at this time.
R v X
Description: This matter involves an insider trading investigation at a number of banks and hedge funds and other large financial institutions conducted by the FSA and SOCA which Reuters reports has “sent shockwaves through the country's financial industry”.
Significance: This case involves significant press interest and involves the representation of a director at a very high profile financial institution.
R v CC & PF
Description: This case involves the arrest of nine directors of an ethical investment company investing in the energy sector. The value of the alleged fraud, which related to the company’s tax structure, is in excess of £85 million. It raises questions on the differences between tax evasion and tax avoidance. The company obtained tax benefits for research and development in the energy sector and secured investment from 750 specialist private investors.
Significance: This case will have far reaching consequences for the whole of the ethical carbon offsetting industry, as well as for all companies with similar tax structures. The company in question was advised by tax specialists and lawyers regarding the legislation involved. HMRC allege that the complex nature of the related companies and tax structures were formed for the specific reason of perpetrating a fraud while the company states that they were not only legitimate but standard industry practice.
R v F & P (Vantis Tax)
Description: We acted for former senior executives for a specialist tax division of Vantis Plc defending allegations of cheating the public revenue. They both vigorously deny the allegations made against them.
Significance: This case involves extremely complex tax, share valuation and trust issues, and raises serious questions concerning the boundaries of tax avoidance schemes and their use. It attracted significant media interest with coverage in the nationals and trade press.
R v S & Others
Description: Bark & Co is representing a client who is involved in a wide ranging FSA investigation into an alleged 11-handed insider dealing fraud. This matter revolves around a spread-betting company that was used to place derivative trades on share price movements. Trades were made close to, or before, significant and unexpected company announcements which influenced the share price in the direction of the placed trade. It is alleged that a ring of traders, some of whom had no previous experience in spread betting, were organised to perpetrate the fraud with the insider information originating from two well-known investment banks.
Significance: The value of the alleged fraud is over £3 million and involved insider information on more than 25 companies that the investment banks dealt with. This case is still at the investigation stage but charges are being brought.

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