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Whitney Houston, along with the late Michael Jackson, has helped in paving the way for black artists to utilize mainstream media and gain global support in the music industry. The cousin of singer Dionne Warwick, Houston shot into international fame after her discovery in the 80s.

Black Hawk Mines Music - In 1992, she got married to another artist, Bobby Brown, who seem to have the opposite upbringing than her. However, her career made a turn for the bad after her marriage. During the late 90′s, she was already notorious for cancellations of appearances, late arrivals and no-shows. Rumors started to circulate that she was doing drugs with her husband.

Houston was arrested in 2002 for having marijuana but during a prime-time TV interview, she denied ever having or using drugs.

Houston’s marriage ended in 2007 and she entered a rehab for drug use. But she admitted herself that her drug use was not halted even after finishing the rehab program.

After 2 years, Houston launched a comeback album (after seven years), ‘I Look To You’ and promoted it during an interview with Oprah Winfrey. But as the events of the past several years have proven, rehab had not been effective for Houston as opposed to how it had redeemed Robert Downey Jr.

Recently, people are speculating that her fall from fame has dried out her fortune. Having no planned albums in the future, her only comeback appearance was the film Sparkle which will be released in August. She played a supporting role alongside singer Jordin Sparks — her first in almost 6 years. There were also rumors that Houston was one of the possible choices as a judge in the singing competition, ‘The X Factor’ but those were flatly denied by Simon Cowell.

Just hours into the 54th annual Grammy Awards, Houston was found dead in her hotel room with the cause of death remaining unknown.

Coroner’s officials are not going to release details regarding the autopsy on Sunday due to the request of investigators. In fact, the police are not saying anything about any evidence or the condition of the room where she was found.

Investigators noted that there are no blatant signs of trauma on her body but they are not ready to say what really caused the death for the results of toxicology tests will take weeks to obtain.

The 48-year old multi-awarded singer has last performed on Thursday night in a pre-Grammy event.
Houston’s body was found in her hotel room in Beverly Hilton Hotel, Los Angeles, hours before the start of the pre-Grammy gala on Saturday where she was supposed to appear.

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