SOUTH KOREA GROUP OF SPRINGHILL: News Corp Splitting Into 2 Companies ビジネス
Facebook $ 450M Asya denizaltı kablo projesi bir hissesini satın aldı
July 10th 2012 IDG Haber Servisi – Facebook bir denizaltı kablosu ile Güney Asya ülkelerine bağlamak için bir 450.000.000 $ proje bir hissesini aldı, bir şirket sözcüsü Cuma söyledi. Proje 2014 yılında biraz zaman hazır olması bekleniyor. “Biz Güney Asya’da bizim büyümeyi desteklemek ve daha iyi o bölgede bizim kullanıcılarımıza hizmet vermek için bu yatırımı yapıyoruz,” Facebook [...]
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Swedes to crack down on bogus billing scams
June 26th 2012 The Swedish government want to increase penalties for issuing fake bills and have appointed a committee to look into the growing problem of billing fraud in Sweden. Judge falls asleep twice during trial (6 Jan 12) Fake invoice fraud on the rise in Sweden: report (3 Jan 12) ‘Wheelchair man’ jailed for four [...]
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Scrap N-test, China tells N Korea
May 21st 2012
China has been quietly and gently pressuring North Korea to scrap plans for a third nuclear test, said two sources with knowledge of closed-door discussions between the countries, but there is no indication how Pyongyang will react. If North Korea goes ahead with the test, China would consider taking some retaliatory steps, but they would [...]
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Springhill Group Home: Sony Cutting 6% Of Global Workforce
May 21st 2012
Sony, the giant Japanese electronics maker, plans to cut 6% of its workforce or around 10,000 jobs as they continue with their efforts to restructure their business, the 3rd job cut since 2005. It has already sold 2 divisions and is now scaling back its TV production. According to Bloomberg’s data, the

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