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For financial adviser John Tyler, the past two to three years have brought a slow return to normalcy.
As the recession unfolded, discussions about whether the financial system will collapse are largely behind Tyler who says his clients can now afford to think much more rationally, take risk and expect returns. But the investors went through a long, trying mental process to get there, he said.
“Now they can put their toes in the water,” said Tyler, vice president and financial adviser at Houston-based Hulburd/Tyler Group, a wealth management practice under the private banking and investment group at Merrill Lynch.
“That might come in the form of some high-quality fixed income, some high-quality municipal bonds. We’re now to the point where they’re starting to think about high quality equities that are going to pay them in dividend.”
Tyler, a 7-year veteran of the financial advisory business, joined Merrill Lynch three years ago when he partnered with Jim Hulburd to form the Hulburd/Tyler Group in November 2009. The wealth managers average 23 clients each and manage between $25 million and $50 million per client.
The Hulburd/Tyler Group typically has two categories of clients, energy or technology executives and business owners, Tyler said. For C-suite executives, the group can deal with concentrated stock issues, help them create liquidity and perform other wealth advisory functions. For closely held businesses, the duo helps them through a process to understand whether they can sell their business or walks them through a process that teaches them what it means to run the business with longer-term investment goals in mind.
“Our experience in planning and executing things is as good as anyone in the industry,” he said.

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