BRIEF: South Korean President Apologizes for Corruption Scandals - RedGage  ビジネス
(Source: Dirk Godder dpa, Hamburg, Germany (MCT) — President Lee Myung Bak apologized to South Koreans Tuesday for the involvement of his elder brother and former aides in corruption cases.
“Fellow Koreans, disgraceful incidents have recently happened to my family and people surrounding me and caused so much anxiety,” he said.
“I bow my head and extend my apology for causing anxiety to the people due to these incidents,” said Lee, who is in the final year of his presidency.
He said he would “take full responsibility” for the scandals but added he would continue to carry out his duties as president.
His brother Lee Sang Deuk, an influential former legislator seen as the president’s mentor, is being detained on corruption charges. Prosecutors alleged that he received 600 million won (524,000 dollars) from two troubled savings banks to help them avoid regular audits.
His detention this month was the latest in a string of corruption scandals involving people close to the president.

They have damaged Lee Myung Bak’s reputation as he prepares to leave office in February. Presidents can only serve one five-year term. dpa dg lns tlo Author: Dirk Godder.

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