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Monitoring your portfolio is essential as the financial market changes strategies may change accordingly. Bradley Associates provides a monitoring service to make sure you and your investments are working. How does it work?An investment portfolio with Bradley Associates can contain investments from North America, Europe and Asia, including equities, IPO and managed funds. We will provide you with a direct line of access to your assigned portfolio manager so you can manage your portfolio at any time.
We bring comprehensive financial services for the healthcare industry into focus
At Bradley Associates, we are focused on providing strategic, value-added financial and business consulting services to the healthcare industry. We provide customized services to local, regional, and national healthcare providers. Our clients include the full spectrum of healthcare providers such as nursing homes, group home, hospitals, assisted living centers, and many others. We perform all types of accounting functions such as reimbursement consulting, audits, reviews, compilations, tax services, Medicaid and Medicare cost reports, and strategic rate reviews to name a few. In short, we understand the complexities of healthcare accounting and that's why we have a dedicated team of accounting / consulting professionals with the specialized knowledge and experience to help your business with the growing standards and changes in regulations.

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