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In May 2012 issue of Singapore Home & Decor magazine, Moon is lucky to find 3 awesome Interior Designers whom seems to be quite good in designing HDB 3 room flats and/or classic glam modern baroque style
The below portfolio images were in the ads which caught Moon's attention!

(Image source)
At this moment, no distinctive portfolio on doing HDB 3 room designs (at least at a glance), till Moon goes thru their portfoilio in-depth
They does pretty baroque wall panels, so... plus plus points
2) Rezt & Relax Interior Design

(Image source)
Not a bad portfoliofor HDB 3 room / 4 room / 5 room. Quite little experiences in HDB 3 room but well... Moon guessed not much Singaporeans are taking up 3 rooms and even if they did, they are not spending on renovations.
Personally, the above image looks like a HDB 3 room. Narrow living space haha
3) Vegas Interior Design

(Image source)
Portfolioseems stronger in commercial spaces. Nonetheless, still worth considering as commercial's expectation is actually higher than living quarter's.
Ceiling that caught Moon's attention, Moon wanted something like this but in circular
Vegas.. Sounds expensive thou, haha. As long as they can deliver what Moon wants.. Who cares!
Advertisement originated from SPH published home decor magazine : Home & Decor (May 2012 Edition). What was being extracted are those that Moon felt are related to Moon's upcoming dwelling. Moon would like to keep it for future references and to share with all others whom are interested in Moon's home theme. Thank you.











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