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Before Moon finds her favourite 3 Tier High Tea Tray to match her Classic Romantical Baroque Kitchen, the recent trip to IKEA has ended her long-search for it, for a while. The basic of this is actually quite enough for her, with her mugs and coffee tea sets that sure to be beautiful.

Only $19.90 !

Have you ever wondered what goes on the different level of trays and whether there is a standard food lined-up? According to Bernideen andLindsey, at here(Bernideen has got a great blog for high tea!)and hererespectively :

  • First Tray (Top)*Da sweets

(e.g. scones, chocolate tarts, "doramon pancakes" for japanese styled...)

  • Second Tray (Middle)*Da sweets and/or fruits

  • Third Tray (Bottom)*Da savories / salty fingerfoods

(e.g. finger sandwiches, mini-quiches, cheese toasts... may also have soups, seasoned nuts or crackers...)

Best to have 3 different sweets and 3 differentsavories (salty foods).

Begin with the bottom tier and work your way up.

By the way, each normal sized3 Tier High Tea Tray is for 2 person.
Enjoy your tête-à-tête !









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