5 Surprising Ways To Be Happier At Work 健康

He sent us five tips from his book "Are You Ready to Succeed? Unconventional Strategies to Achieving Personal Mastery in Business and Life." The book explores some unexpected ways that you can improve your outlook, relationships and careers. Here are a few of his tips:
Do nothing for a half-hour.
Rao says that all the noise in our day-to-day lives makes us stressed. "Try doing nothing for a half-hour: no watching TV, no checking emails, no reading," he says.
Make a list of what you are grateful for about your job.
It's easy to hate your company and think it's all bad, according to Rao. But seeing the bright side will improve your attitude and performance at work.
Cultivate a new skill for work.
"If you have to make cold calls for work and you find that you dread making them, but you love writing, try working on developing compelling copy and using mass email marketing and other tactics to eliminate something that you hate and emphasize something you love," Rao says.
Make a tape recording of yourself on a phone call.
See how many times you use "I" and "me." Rao says that instead of focusing so much on yourself, you should try and think of others and make their lives better.
Make a list of all of the people you blame for bad things that have happened to you.
Then understand that they weren't out to get you, they were just motivated by their desire to be happy. "Most of our perceived injustices are not really anyone's fault," Rao says. "If you were passed over for a job and your colleague was promoted, it is not their fault; you would have taken the same job if it had been offered to you.

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