Hass Associates ビジネス

Hass is highly capable in offering customized financial solutions suited to a certain client's goals.
HA structures diversified portfolios for clients with a dedicated and expert portfolio manager.

The Company
The founders of Hass Associates has established their core beliefs that still defines the company. In this modern world with huge companies with a wide selection of services, there is still a room for a firm specializing in the highest degree of integrity and professionalism while maintaining good client relations.
Private Services
Experts with a great deal of experience are undertaking financial deals from business advisory sectors are on our Business Funding division. Hass can help in business operations through management consultations and supporting significant applications to corporate funding. We have the capability to bring relevant knowledge to any kind of corporate funding plans.
A strong management team is the primary foundation of HA's investment strategy. Before we invest, we carefully review management partners who have a strong track record in structuring a firm and a great vision in making it grow. In the course of 20 years, our practice has taken many forms of investment partnerships.

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