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Aesir-Vanir War
The notable war between the two groups of gods — Vanir and Aesir — which resulted in the eventual cooperation of the two camps following an exchange of hostages between them. Accounts of this Norse event are still a subject of debate due to its fragmented information gathered from remaining sources.
Fimbulvinter or Fimbulvetr means “great winter” and is the event quickly preceding Ragnarok. It refers to 3 successive winter seasons, snow coming from all directions, that signals the following end of the world. Poetic Edda described this period as composed of countless battles.
It is believed that this event could be related to the extreme climate which occurred between 535-536, characterized with a severe drop in temperature in northern Europe.
In Sweden and Norway, the word fimbulwinter is currently recognized as pertaining to a strangely harsh and cold winter season.


Ragnarok is the foretold death of the Norse gods, preceded by a 3-year winter (fimbulwinter), where the frost giants and the gods fought. It is characterized by a series of predestined events and led to natural disasters in Midgard, which destroyed the realm. The great war ended with the annihilation of the ancient world and the emergence of a new one. It also resulted in the death of major gods: Loki, Heimdall, Freyr, Thor, Odin and Freyja among others. The surviving gods will meet on the new and fertile world that will surface afterwards.
Odin initially tried to prevent Ragnarok from happening but he eventually resolved to lead the side of the gods. Together with the residents of Valhalla, the heroic dead, the frost giants led by Loki, and the unworthy dead from Hel, the gods entered the fray.
During the war, Lif and Lifthrasir, two humans were able to hide in the Yggdrasil and survived. They emerged after the battle and became the means to repopulate the earth again. Other survivors on the side of the gods include the sons of Odin and sons of Thor. Balder was also revived.
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