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Warmer Climate causes Greener Arctic

Researchers say, elevated temperatures and a longer growing season mean some of Earth’s chilliest regions are looking increasingly green. As reported and base from the new study, at present the plant life at northern latitudes often looks like the vegetation researchers would have observed up to 430 miles (700 kilometers) farther south in 1982. Because of the rising temperatures Arctic and boreal regions could see the equivalent of a 20-degree latitude shift by the end of this century, the team found this out using climate models? The amplified greenhouse effect could have other consequences, like more forest fires, pest infestations and droughts, which cut vegetation growth, researchers say…

Energy efficiency enters budget equation for school districts

There is a room on the first floor of Elyria High School that you can say is the heart of the building. Just like veins and arteries weave their way through the body to the heart so blood can be pumped through every inch of a person, 278 geothermal wells dug 500 feet into the earth encircle the building in a horseshoe shape leading to a “heart” in the school’s mechanical room. White pipes, steel tubes and computerized equipment make up the entirety of the room that on a first glance looks like nothing more than a more high-tech boiler room. But the school’s geothermal system is a little more complicated, even though the main purpose is to reduce the school’s carbon footprint while saving the district money…

Environmental News

“Concern over environment ( ministry’s ‘no’ to radar in Andamans”. The recent rejection of a request of the defence ministry by the Union environment ministry to allow setting up of a radar in Narcondum Island in the Andaman Sea raises the question of whether in this country security of the nation is of paramount importance or whether the environmental issues can override it. It becomes all the more important when we see total abdication of issues of environmental abuse by the government…


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