Ozone and Freon Fraud ビジネス

In some areas of Kentucky, such as Jefferson County, citizens are forced to have annual auto emissions tests because of EPA regulations. The EPA and local regulators use slight of hand data by sounding local alarms whenever Ozone levels, as measured by them, reach the mid-point of their scale. Their recorded readings have not reached the upper level of their scale at least as far back as 1980. Further, there is not scientific data to support their claimed danger if the upper scale is reached. Everyone knows when it is hot and or humid, just by going outside their homes or work places.
In a recent article in the Kentucky Journal of Commerce and Industry, 8/8/98 "EPA LIED", it was pointed out the EPA had "cherry picked" data on secondhand tobacco smoke as a cause of cancer; and no data existed to support EPA claims in this (tobacco) area.
As shown above, the EPA and its supporters are prone to LIE!!!
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