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Workplace lessons you cannot learn from school

There is no federal law against ...ual harassment of interns, this makes stepping out into the work world frightening. Your school most likely didn't prepare or teach you about the possibility of ...ual harassment at work and tell you what to do about it.

Westhill Consulting Career and Employment, Australia provides you this article with the information to know about ...ual harassment at work. Make sure you know the virtual information before going out there into the great wide world.

Here's what you need to know about ...ual harassment:

The first thing you need to know is, what is ...ual harassment. ...ual harassment is when you are an employee and your boss, co-worker, customer, vendor or potential boss is harassing you because of your gender or gender identity, that is illegal. Warning! ...ual harassment is the following: unwanted ...ual advances, requests for ...ual favors, offensive comments about men or women in general, off-color jokes, touching, and other harassment that is either so rigorous or repeatedly that it revises the terms and conditions of your employment. A single discourteous comment may not be ...ual harassment, however, one incident that is severe could be.

Who is covered, who can be a victim of ...ual harassment. The federal anti-discrimination laws are relevant merely to employers with fifteen or more employees. Some states and local governments have laws applying to smaller employers. If you're an intern or an independent contractor, there may be no law against ...ually harassing you at work. If you're a minor, you have added protection. Any adult ...ually harassing you is probably committing a crime, and could be a ...ual predator.

It doesn’t matter where on earth you may be, southeast Asian cities like Jakarta, Indonesia, Australia, Us or wherever, where to report it is the same. It is truly vital that you understand the company's ...ual harassment policy when you begin working and remember where you are supposed to report it if it happens. It's certainly in your company handbook or in a poster in the break room. If it happens that they do not have a ...ual harassment policy, it’s not a good thing but you are still protected. Do not let yourself become a victim and do not be afraid. People you can and perhaps should complain against ...ual harassment to are your Human Resources department at work. Tell your parents as well. Contact the police if you have been touched. Report immediately if you see someone else being ...ually harassed. If you do not report it, harassers will keep doing it, and their behavior will get worse, unless you stop them.

There is the number one rule about ...ual harassment. NEVER be a silent victim. They're breaking the law if an adult or even fellow teen is ...ually harassing you. Talk to a parent or an employment lawyer in your state about your rights.

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