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CDD XG series Xray Generators

The CDD XG series is a range of integrated monoblock Xray generators suitable for continuous operation in industrial uses typically applications include automatic inspection systems for food, pharmaceuticals and industrial products on continuous production lines.


The XG400 family is cooled by circulating oil. They are powered from 110/240Vac 50/60Hz.
The XG100 and XG60 families are air cooled by integrated fans. They are powered from 24Vdc power supplies (not included).
The units are controlled by remote analog inputs or by RS232 communications.

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CDD DE series Xray Detectors

The CDD Linear X-ray detector is an integrated detection module with a linear diode array up to 1024mm in length.

It has the following features:
• Available in diode pitch of 1.6mm, 0.8mm, 0.4mm, 0.2mm
• Data interface RS422 pixel rate of up to 4MHz
• Scan rate from 50 to 4000 scans/sec
• Output resolution of 8 to 12 bits as standard
• Control interface USB 2.0 as standard, RS232 optionally
• Multi-channel radiographic trigger
• Scan rate fixed or synchronous to external clock
• Pixel output normalized by internal DSP processor
• Output translation tables provide gamma law
• All cables exit from end of module for easy connection

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CDD Image acquisition cards

The CDD range of image acquisition cards offer a range of interfaces to image acquisition devices such as Xray detectors, Matrix and Linescan optical cameras and special purpose detectors.
They are based on cards suitable for use with industrial P/C units, and connect via PCI bus. They provide on-board logic to handle the acquisition and assimilation of the image to minimize the software overhead on the processing system.

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