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Analysis of Abrasive wheels

Abrasive cutting wheels operate at very high speeds – low density regions within the wheel can be very hazardous.

CDD (Projects - ) have combined Xray mass measurement with laser thickness measurement to accurately map the density across the parts. The system calculates the spot density of each point on a 0.5mm matrix across the entire surface of the wheel. Up to half a million points are scanned on each wheel, as part on an in-line inspection system.

This is used as part of a process monitoring system to ensure even deposition of the abrasive material.

Cheyney Design & Development ( )

Cheyney is situated in the beautiful countryside of South Cambridgeshire, the team have idyllic base from which to develop their creative talents. This has been the centre of our operations for nearly 26 years and is ideally located midway between two of the London airports, and just over 30 minutes from central London. With our connections to the nearby University, CDD (Products - ) is able to support innovation through collaboration and investment.

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