Careers at Credence Independent Advisors Business

We are always on the lookout for top quality professionals that want a long term career in financial services ( ). Whether from Investment banking, Wealth Management ( ) or financial planning background if you would like to be with a firm with a compelling client and advisor proposition please emails us at

About Us

Credence Independent Advisors ( ) was born from a compelling opportunity in the financial services ( ) world. In the ever changing dynamic world of financial services, it is important for us to tailor advice and solutions to individual needs. Clients need solutions that make them money and preserve their capital and advisors need happy clients with increasing wealth under management. By harnessing the skills of top quality experienced professionals ( ) and cutting edge technology, we are able to bring what was previously only available for multi-million dollar clients to a wider reaching client range and we have done this independently.

Why Us

Our business was set up to be compelling for all its stakeholders; including clients, staff and owners of the business. We offer a compelling experience to our clients that deliver what they desire. We strive to fully understand our clients’ financial requirements by remaining in close communication with them over the entire span of the relationship. We endeavor to provide our clients with a financial educational framework which supports them in their investment decision making process, helping them to achieve their financial goals. We align our interests along with those of our clients to ensure the development of a long and fruitful relationship.

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