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Paper Recycling

We are using both sides of copy paper sheets and, after both sides are used, segregating them together with confidential documents and magazines for collection and recycling by external organization.

Used paper collection boxes are placed at our workplace to promote paper recycling.

Recycling of Waste Products and Parts

Defective products, unusable bottom plates and dummy circuit boards that were cut off in production processes had been discarded as industrial waste.

Now we are dividing these wastes into metals and plastics, etc. before disposing them so that they can be used as ingot and furnace combustion improver.

Each floor is equated with recycling boxes to collect wastes separately by material. These wastes are then transferred to a collection point.

Recycling of Conductive Shoes

Since we are handling semiconductors, our employees are wearing conductive shoes to ward off electrostatic.

In the past, the concept of shoes recycling was nonexistent and we were throwing away old shoes. Since FY2003, however, we have been recycling used shoes, which are being reused as to make tarpaulin.

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