Westward Housing Group: Supplying green and efficient heating systems Business

Westward ( http://www.westwardhousing.org.uk ) is working with a range of providers to ensure we offer as many alternative energy systems as possible to you to help reduce your bills.

We have provided hundreds of photovoltaic solar panel arrays, air source heat pumps and external cladding or insulation to help keep properties energy efficient through the WEST project.

We are working with South West Water to offer information and advice on being more water wise and how to check you are on the best tariff.

Air source heat pumps are being provided through a project with Anesco to provide a range of improvements to suitable properties, after successful funding through the government’s Renewable Heating Premium Payment scheme.

Not all properties are suitable for air source heat pumps (ASHP) installations. Properties need both cavity wall and loft insulation and to have no mains gas supply.

Tenants that have had the ASHP’s installed have enjoyed the constant year round hot water, the cleanness of the system and the cheaper running costs.

Customers are encouraged to come along to future events to learn more about this heating system and have their questions and concerns answered by trained members of staff.

These energy efficiency ( http://www.westwardhousing.org.uk/greening-westward ) measures are aimed at reducing carbon emissions and helping our customers who are struggling to cope with spiralling energy bills.

Could you save money on your energy bills?

You may be able to save on your energy bills by looking at comparison sites for the best tariff. You can do this with My Home Energy Switch (National Housing Federation approved) or by contacting Energylinx who we also work with.

You could save money ( http://www.westwardhousing.org.uk/energy-saving ) – make sure you are on the lowest available tariff with these comparison and switching service.

Meanwhile, there are lots of general energy saving tips. which you may be able to benefit from: Energy Saving Tips ( http://www.westwardhousing.org.uk/download.cfm?doc=docm93jijm4n1567.pdf&ver=2406 )
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