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If you maintain or operate a large building or wide areas, your Building Management System could be the focus of your daily job. Capable of managing the environment, temperature and humidity levels throughout your facilities from a singular point, BMS allows you to streamline the way you manage your operations to help you attain more efficiency and reliability than ever before.

At Keeley Consulting Services, we develop, assemble and apply BMS to provide our clients a direct and encompassing strategy to operate extensive environments. Compared to other BMS firms available, we alone specialize also in many of the services that the system controls as we have the advantage of having a higher and keener comprehension of the primary functions of the entire system. Hence, for our many loyal customers who also depend on us to provide these services, we serve as a singular, highly efficient source of solutions.

Each BMS is distinct; hence, we will seek a solution founded exclusively upon the requirements of your firm. Our group of expert engineers will coordinate closely with you to design the best system for you, assembling, operating and maintaining it according to the best standards – giving assurance to your business’ growth into the future.

Our BMS provides management in the following:

- Air-conditioning
- Heating
- Humidity
- Power systems
- Lighting

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