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“I believe life is what I make it to be, always has been and always will be” – the words of Meir Ezra, founder and Chief Executive Officer of Securant Inc. clearly establish the persona of one who has built and now running 24 companies that operate in 27 countries around the globe.

Dreams Unlimited:

Business Partner Tony Robbins describes Mr. Meir Ezra as a man who loves to dream and do things that have never been attempted before. Known for his ‘go get it’ attitude, the CEO of Securant Inc. has years of experience as an entrepreneur and multiple patents registered to his name. The creative genius( ) that he is, Meir Ezra is the creator of Time Maker Leadership Software, described as the most advanced management software in the market.

The Business Tycoon:

Owner of several businesses, Meir Ezra( ) has established companies around the world – India, Columbia, Russia, Italy and Israel to name a few. He established a company that dealt with the distribution of gasoline management systems in the US. Needless to say the company had an amazing turnover of $100,000,000 within its first three years. He has also developed a technology that deals with cellphone blocking, another such development is a payment-by cellphone technology and software solutions for the hotel industry. He is also credited with the introduction of a special study technology at schools in Israel.

The Lighter Side:

Meir Ezra (Contacts - is known to be a family man and is devoted to his wife of 25 years. Together they have three children. As the saying goes, ‘All work and no play make Jack a dull boy’, apart from developing technology, Meir Ezra enjoys karate, motorcycling and kite surfing. He was a high ranking submarine diver in the Navy where he completed advanced courses in electronic countermeasure technology.

The Social Being:

Meir Ezra takes out time to actively participate in community affairs and is known to have supported many charitable causes. One such endeavor was the implementation of drug and prison rehabilitation programs. He has been involved in many community projects and has donated millions of dollars for the same. Read this Article -

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