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A tear, rip, or sprain in the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) is a common knee injury, especially among athletes. Playing soccer or football can put a high demand on the knees, which makes the joint more susceptible to injury. The quick change of direction or colliding with another player can be one of the leading causes of damage. The top ACL surgery options will depend on the degree of damage to the knee.

Examination of the Injured Kneeknee

Before the doctor can determine the top ACL surgery options, an examination and consultation will need to take place. The surgeon will begin by discussing the symptoms related to the injury.

  • The inability to walk in a normal comfortable manner
  • Swelling around the knee that does not reduce within 24 hours
  • Pain with loss of full range of motion in the knee area
  • Tenderness of the injured area may even be painful to the touch

After discussing the symptoms, the doctor will order some tests to aid in making an accurate diagnosis.

  • The doctor will begin by examining the knee. An expert orthopedic surgeon can provide a diagnosis with a thorough knee examination.
  • X-rays will help rule out any broken or fractured bones surrounding the knee joint. If the injury is due to a broken bone, the surgeon will need to focus on repairing both areas.
  • MRI scan will be ordered. The MRI will give an accurate reading on the torn ACL.

Torn ligaments require surgery to heal properly. Non-surgical options are usually not recommended. In some cases, wearing a brace and attending physical therapy can help in regaining range of motion in the knee.

Top ACL Surgery Options

  • The surgery will consist of rebuilding the torn or damaged ligament. The optimal outcome for ACL surgery is to get the patient back to normal activities in the shortest amount of time. In most cases one of three grafts is used to reconstruct the ACL:
  • Patellar tendon graft is the most common type of replacement for the ACL repairs. The graft usually requires less of a recovery time. However, the incision to repair the ACL will be longer, leaving a noticeable scar.
  • Hamstring graft may require more recovery time before returning to full running activities. The hamstring graft is more flexible, allowing the athlete to return to sports after four months of recovery and successful physical therapy.
  • Allograft is used when adults have other joint related problems not associated with playing sports. An arthritic or diseased joint can be repaired with this option. The surgery is done through small incisions, which is less invasive.

The repairing and reconstruction of the ACL can help return an athlete back to their sport or simply allow a person return to normal daily activities. In either situation, the top ACL surgery options will be determined by the doctor.

The orthopedic surgeon will need to assess the damage to obtain a clear, accurate diagnosis. Dr. Howard Marans has over twenty years of experience in the same location. Howard Marans MD has successfully treated many patients, including professional athletes, over the years with a variety of different orthopedic conditions. Please click below to schedule your consultation or call us at 714.979.8981.


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