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Materials & Methods

SouthWood provides custom interior and exterior signs in an almost unlimited variety of materials. Based upon design schemes, budgets, structural considerations, sizes, finishes and other issues, we help clients select the most suitable materials. These include all sorts of wood, metal, synthetics, masonry, resins and more. It is safe to say we've used hundreds of different materials over the years. As new products become available and prove to be suited to signage, we add them to our capabilities. We have the expertise and the experience to help find the solution that is right for you.

And just as we use a huge variety of materials, we offer a similarly wide range of processes and methods. We cut, bend, glue, weld, cast, print and assemble in dozens of ways, depending upon job requirements. Among these processes is everything from hand crafting using Old World techniques to the latest in laser and CNC machining. Our focus is on the client's end result, and our role is to provide whatever it takes to accomplish that.

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