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Affordable ankle surgery is a dicey subject – there are many surgical interventions that can be performed on the ankle, and the costs vary depending upon the complexity of the procedure. The patient who is having ankle distress symptoms should worry more about the cause of their issues instead of worrying about affordability. However, if you health insurance coverage, you can be assured your surgery will be covered and your co-pay very reasonable, depending on your insurance plan. With health insurance coverage, you can have affordable ankle surgery, no matter the dysfunction.

Ankle Surgery Funding

Ankles require surgery due to arthritis, injury, and birth defects. Complex surgical procedures, even if uninsured, can be afforded with funding loans or payment schedules with the surgeon and hospital. It is not unusual for the ankle joint to have to be totally reconstructed after an accident, and you should seek out the highest authority in orthopedic surgery to treat your issue, even if you must have affordable ankle surgery.

Orange County Orthopedic

Whether you want to get back to your softball league or play on your school team, Orange County Orthopedic provides you with prompt care by utilizing state of the art surgical, arthroscopic, and orthopedic treatments and procedures.

As an Orange County, California specialist and surgeon, Dr. Marans not only is the go-to authority for sports injuries to vital joints and the reconstruction to complete health, but he volunteers as physician for the sports teams at local secondary schools. This is an outstanding benefit to his community and its families, and is indicative of the overall caring character of this highly skilled surgeon.

Sports Medicine and Reconstruction

Dr. Howard Marans has expertise in all of the human joints as an authoritative surgeon of wrists, elbows, shoulders, ankles, hands, and knees. His medical practice dates over twenty years in the operating rooms performing surgery for athletes, people in law enforcement, and others. Among the difficult procedures which Dr. Marans performs with expertise is the Achilles tear and reconstruction, joint replacement, and treating de Quervain’s Disease. Some of his male patients have experienced the need for rotator cuff repair, and he has extensive experience in ACL knee repair and reconstruction.

His practice and studies have taken him to Canada, Australia, and the U.S. His offices in Fountain Valley, California have the highest quality equipment and diagnostic tools and his staff shares his mission of caring for patients with professionalism and timeliness.

Top Affordable Ankle Surgery in Orange Couny, CA

Dr. Howard Marans has received the following honorary awards for exemplary service:

- J.C. Kennedy Award for Excellency in Sports Medicine
- Excellence in Research Award (Sport Sciences) American Orthopaedic Society for Sports Medicine
- Healthgrade Honor Roll

If you are experiencing any inflammation, stiffness, pain, or limited movement in your ankle, contact Dr. Howard Marans immediately for his evaluation and correction of your medical issue.


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