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Company Policy

We, customer satisfaction, a relationship of trust with our customers in the first we will provide service. We aim to company forward to once again permanently development with customers. We will create a company with job satisfaction and cooperation among employees is each other.

CEO message

Core Systems Japan received access to the Corporation home page, thank you very much.

The aim of our opinion, the complexity of the ERP system that many of our customers have been with your global standard, to take advantage of the user-friendly and up-to-date of the application, there is to support the optimization of your business processes you.

Operating and maintenance personnel, in-house ERP system, via the cloud, at anytime, from anywhere, you can access to meet the need. In addition to the complex business processes, 75,000 user customers from medium-sized with a lot of branches and subsidiaries to large enterprises have been available in all the world. Watakushi us of the product is that you use the customers of the business processes to simple, it is because it is possible to improve the efficiency. Going forward, we will do our best all employees to be able to provide you as promised to the customer, or bring more value-added services. We would like to ask more of your understanding, for your support in the future.

Core Systems Japan Co., Ltd.
President and CEO Yoshihiko Maeda

Corporate history

- February 2013
Company formation
( Proaxia Consulting group ag company and coresystems ag company and exclusive distributor agreement)


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