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While the word “revolution” obtained its most common meaning from a social and political uprising of the masses, it has come to refer to any phenomenal event that disrupts the common or conventional way of doing or looking at things. For instance, the pop-music revolution was brought about ostensibly by the rock ‘n’ roll king Elvis and then followed by the Beatles in the late 50’s and early 60’s, respectively. Today, many songwriters and singers acknowledge the influence of those pioneers from that early generation on the development of their music styles.
The IT revolution came about with the introduction of the personal computer and has remained a formidable social-economic-political game-changer with the widespread use of the laptop, tablet and smartphone. We can even safely predict today that in the very near future, these media will be replaced by even more revolutionary media. For instance, while only a few have this capability in their homes, smart-TVs can now access the Internet to allow homeowners to view videos on their widescreen TVs and even chat with relatives overseas through them. What will stop our inventors to commercially develop eyeglasses which can access multimedia sources while the wearer is doing something else, perhaps walking up to the green to tee off on a golf course.

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Yes, entertainment and business can now be easily accessed or accomplished due to the portability of the means of communicating with vital sources of information and transferring data and finances. People can now conduct remote or long-distance conferences with partners without losing time or information as they go about their other daily routine at home or in the office. Home-based workers, such as writers, can submit manuscripts or edited work online. Many more enterprises have benefitted greatly from this revolution. Anyone can access their homes and their families at any time and from anywhere through the use of these gadgets whose unlimited potentials have yet to be exhausted.

Without doubt, there are more marvelous and astonishing innovations and concepts that will arise as the revolution marches on to higher levels. The opportunities for abusing the technology are many as well. Policing these negative activities is part and parcel of the growth of any revolutionary movement. So far, the benefits have far outnumbered the risks of the Information Technology revolution.

MWI Consultant’s Unified Message Switch (UMS) is at the forefront of this IT revolution, providing excellent solutions to communication needs of enterprises. Its ten years of experience can attest to its capability to help companies address their many communication issues.

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