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The island of Jersey( ) is the southern most island of Britain. It lies 100 miles from the south coast of England, in the bay of St. Malo. Jersey is a small island approximately nine miles by five, but it is a place of great natural beauty with a delightfully mild sunny climate. The coastline is unspoiled, with high rocky cliffs, sandy beaches and coves, while inland there are lush fields and valleys covered in wildflowers. Jersey has over 46 miles/74kms of 'Green Lanes' with a speed limit of 15mph/24kph. Cyclists, horse riders and walkers are given priority on these lanes.

Tourism in Jersey often starts at the island's capital St. Helier, in St. Aubin's Bay on the south coast. St. Helier is a bustling town and the main shopping Centre on the island. The Central Market has existed since 1882 and is still a popular visitor attraction. It offers local produce such as freshly caught fish, flowers grown on the island and Jersey's own specialty - Jersey Royal potatoes. St. Helier's atmosphere is essentially English, with strong French influences in its many attractive shops and street names.

Jersey Tourist Information can be found in the visitor Centre in Liberation Square, St. Helier. The historic harbour and marina are interesting and always busy with ferries, ocean going yachts and fishing boats. There are several fine parks to enjoy, such as Les Jardins de la Mer, by the waterfront.

St. Helier has several attractions such as the award winning Jersey Museum where you can learn about the history and traditions of the island. On an islet in St. Aubin's Bay is Elizabeth Castle, which was built in 1590 by Sir Walter Raleigh and named after Elizabeth I. The castle defended the island from the Civil War to the German Occupation. The Maritime Museum and Occupation Tapestry Gallery are to found on New North Quay.

The parish of Trinity lies to the north and is home to Durrell Wildlife - the headquarters of the Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust. The trust concentrates on rare and endangered species. Each of them lives in specially landscaped enclosures which closely resemble their natural homes - At la Rue De Bechet, in Trinity, Pallot Steam Motor and General Museum is to be found. It includes an exhibition on Jersey Railway steam engines, agricultural machinery and a variety of organs.

The parish of St. Lawrence occupies the centre of Jersey. Hamotonne Country Life Museum is to be found here, at La Patente. It's a delightful place to visit, featuring the rural heritage of Jersey.

St. Ouen forms a peninsula in the north west of the island, with a number of prehistoric sites. One of these contains the foundations of a small temple identified as Gallo-Roman. The ruined Grosney Castle is a well known landmark, featured on the Jersey 50 pence coin. At Les Landes is Jersey's racecourse. The Channel Islands Military Museum is to be found on Five Mile Road, in a restored German Bunker. It has British and German militaria from the occupation era on show. A unique museum, well worth visiting is Battle of Flowers Museum at Le Mont Des Corvees. It celebrates the annual Jersey Battle of Flowers, with many of the prize-winning floats on display.

In the north east of Jersey, the 13th century castle of Mont Orgueil towers over the harbour at Gorey St. Martin. It is one of the best preserved medieval castles in Europe.

In the parish of St. Saviour is a 13metre high Neolithic burial mound dating back 5,500 years. The La Hougue Bie Museum, offers a unique insight into the lives of our distance ancestors.

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