Tyre&Auto Southbourne Group Review: Car Systems that Require Regular Check-ups Car

There are essential parts of the car which owners must appreciate for what they can provide in terms of keeping a vehicle properly running. Here are some of them:

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1. Catalytic Converters

Since 1993, all petrol car exhaust systems came with a catalytic convertor. Its function is to reduce harmful fumes of carbon monoxide, hydrocarbons and nitrogen oxides being emitted into the atmosphere. The converter does this by converting toxic gases into water vapor and less harmful gases.

Although catalytic converters can last quite a while, they need regular check-up by professional experts. Tyre&Auto Southbourne has the experience to provide such quality service for car owners.

2. Brakes

Tyre&Auto Southbourne centres employ expert brake specialists who can provide cost-effective brake maintenance service. They recommend twice-a-year check-ups for optimum performance for average or greater than average annual mileage cars.

Free check-ups at Tyre&Auto depots are likewise provided. This includes a digital-measurement of wear on brake pads, discs, shoes and drums, along with a complete list of the actual condition of your braking system and a no-obligation price quote for needed works to be done.

Tyre&Auto depots carry a broad choice of brake systems for car and light commercial vehicles to select from.

3. Tyres

Tyres need replacement to maintain performance and safety. Choosing the right kind can be a challenge for most people who do not possess the expertise. Tyre&Auto Southbourne can assist you determine the proper size and the type of tyres as well as the appropriate driving habits for each individual driver.

Tyres are marked specifically according to date and place they were manufactured, speed, load capacity and the size.

For instance, the following classifies the tyre wall markings as follows:

A = 165 -- the section width of the tyre.
B = 65 -- the aspect ratio or profile of the tyre.
C = 14 -- the radius of the tyre.
D = 79 -- the load capacity of the tyre.
E = T -- the speed rating.

The life of tyres will vary depending on certain factors: the mileage of a car (high or low), where they are used often (inner city or the race track), as well as the driving habits of the user (average speed and acceleration or sportier manner). Tye&Auto Southbourne experts will help you decide which suits your car and your particular driving needs.

Regular servicing at Tyre&Auto will definitely extend the effective life and maintain the value of your car. Their technicians are well-trained to handle any brand and type of car through the use of innovative tools and diagnostic techniques. You will also feel at ease, confident and secure at the amiable and reliable service they provide.
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