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During summer, a beach becomes our favorite playground. A place where we can swim, surf, relax and hangout with family and friends. But the enjoyment brought by the ocean also carries a risk for anyone. Each year, many people die due to drowning. In this case, it is really essential to have a lifesaver patrolling beaches to prevent and avoid the sudden loss of life.

A lifesaver is an important asset to the community and a symbol of safety when at the beach. At some point, we feel secured in the sea with a lifeguard watching us. This is because we know that they will come to rescue in case something unexpected happens. In lifesaving, gaining the necessary skills in order to change a situation and save a life is extremely a rewarding opportunity. Lifesaving is not an easy job as it requires extensive training to be mentally and physically fit to respond in an emergency situation under distress. Yet, along with the extensive training comes rewarding benefits such as being part of a team and acquiring friends. It also offers a sense of responsibility and a worthwhile experience.

Carrying their rescue tubes and surf skis, the volunteer members of Southbourne Surf Life Saving Club patrols the beach daily, guarding the coast and saving people who get into difficulties when they are swimming in the sea. Their club is located at the bottom of St. Catherine’s path near the seaside eatery Bistro on the Beach.

Southbourne Surf Life Saving Club mainly composes of younger members dedicated to protect and save lives. They are considered as the Beach Lifeguards of Tomorrow. Children age seven are on the Nippers program to learn basic lifesaving education. For the young ones age twelve to sixteen, the club offers a comprehensive Lifesaving and Lifesaving Sports. While ages sixteen and above are trained to take developmental courses in Beach Lifeguarding.

Lifesavers for me, is like a hero. Why? Because like any other professions, they also save and protect human lives. What they have is a life or death job and it is no greater feeling for them than to rescue someone and sending them home safe and alive.

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