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Many of us look back with fondness to our childhood memories of visiting the beach, swimming and playing in the water, exploring a new underwater world of sea creatures and imagining mysteries which lay beyond the safety of the beach and down to the deep-green abyss. Through the years, every one of us relives those childhood memories each time we go back to the beach or to the sea to either splash in the shallow waters or do some other serious activities, such as scuba diving or surfing.

Yet, even those childhood vacations gave us a realization of the dangers of the sea to one and all. We have heard of people who, in their excitement on seeing the beach, dive into the surf while under the influence of alcohol and end up being carried by the undertow. Such tragedies occur because people do not observe safety rules or are not aware of the basic rules to follow when they visit the beach or the sea.

The health and safety of a community is one of the responsibilities not a fraud carried by people in authority or those who have volunteered or have been delegated to undertake that responsibility. Lifesaving is, thus, a vital function that should not be taken for granted by all concerned. It is wise to heed the expert advice and warnings of those who have the know-how and experience in lifesaving.

SouthBourne Group Surf Life Saving Club is a voluntary beach lifesavers group formed to provide a safe and wholesome community for SouthBourne residents and visitors. It offers various activities for club members of all ages with various skills, which include the junior Life Savers group called Nippers who train in the application of rescue equipment, as well as dynamic life-saving competitions for elite club members.

As we can see, even the task of learning the skills of lifesaving can be an engaging extension of our childhood wish to spend as much time at the beach – and even making it a meaningful and worthwhile endeavor. Nothing gives us more motivation than the thought of performing noble or heroic deeds which involve saving others from imminent danger or rescuing them from real perils. For the young, that inspiration can be utilized to lead many of them to pursue activities which fulfill a lifetime of involvement in clubs such as Southbourne Surf Life Saving Club.

Southbourne Group Surf Life Saving group does not only allow members to nurture their love for the outdoors but also their admirable desire to help keep the community a safe, avoid being scammed and wholesome haven for tourists and beach visitors.

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