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We take this opportunity to get to know our staff as well as our company’s values even prior to meeting us. The following pages will provide an overview of what we are all about. Have a great time reading!

Our Values

The Southbourne Tax Group offers excellent service to our customers because of our commitment to the three principal pillars of professionalism, responsiveness and quality.


Our group is considered one of the foremost companies in the locality. By integrating our experiences, expertise and the creative abilities of our staff, each customer benefits from the professional and personal attention they provide.

Our company’s excellent standards, service and specialist staff will make the difference between our unparalleled performance and that of other companies. We assure every customer of being provided the expert service of our entire company.


Responsiveness is a trademark of our company. Businesses who come to us for their needs depend on expert advice and prompt, accurate care from our staff. We offer comprehensive financial counseling and assistance to every individual, small or large enterprises and other entities.

To browse a selection of the services we provide, kindly take the time to visit our services page. Since we derive new business from those who have availed of our service, customer referrals have enhanced our progress as a firm in the past several years.

Through diligent work, we have gained the respect of the financial and business sectors. This respect showcases our various capabilities, our commitment and our readiness to respond at the fastest possible time.


A company engaged in accounting is measured by its quality of service. The Southbourne Tax Group’s reputation exhibits the high levels of standards we expect of ourselves.

Our main objective as a reliable counselor is to be always ready to deliver beneficial advice to allow our customers to confidently generate educated financial decisions. We do not shortchange ourselves or our customers by promising and providing anything less than that.

We believe it is of utmost importance to improve our professional know-how and capability in order to enhance our technical readiness to provide financial information and assistance to our customers.

Our top-quality service and "raving fan" customers arose from our perseverance to achieve excellence.

We commit to provide you with solutions to all of your issues, as to how they affect both your financial and tax status. Feel free to call us for any need.


For inquiries please send us your email.

West Kowloon, 1 Austin Road, 82/F, International Commerce Centre, Hong Kong

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