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Doing art decoration for your home the right way

Everyone has their own preference in doing decorations for their home where others don’t want anything in their walls since they prefer simple and clean concept. But let’s face it, adding art can really do some magic because it really gives energy and beauty to every room.

There’s a proper way to decorating a room space with art, but you might be impulsive sometimes in doing your décor that often leads to a few mistakes, this is why Devin Fitzpatrick Art Consultants provides some help included in the subsequent paragraphs to avoid having a bad art décor.

Other people do not like looking at art that is placed too high in a house. In putting artworks on the walls, you should first determine the right and proper hanging height of a piece against the wall. This way, its appearance will be balanced to the entirety of the wall space.

It’s only natural to always ensure appropriate scaling. Never put small pieces in a bigger space and the same goes with huge art into a smaller space. Artworks that are originally small can be put on a larger mat or a thicker frame to suit it to the size of bigger walls. But if an “out-of-scale” design is your style, then make sure that each element is out of scale too so that people will know that it is made on purpose.

Having a wall collage is also a good idea but before you drill a lot of holes in your wall, picture first its end result on your mind. And if it provides a good mood and pleasing appearance, then go for it. If you want to put different varieties, make sure to arrange everything properly. You can organize various canvases and framed arts around your house, hang beautiful tapestries or pin up quilts. Art takes any form, so it is not limited to those that can found on the walls, search for more lovely art pieces to put in your house.

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