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You will oftentimes find joy to a home that has a furry and kind additional member to the family. Indeed, pets are lovely beings that can be a member of your family as well. Similar to how South Bellmore Veterinary Group takes care of pets as if they were their own, if you have a pet in your home, you should make sure that it is healthy and happy at all times. In order to achieve the best health and longevity for your dogs and cats, experts suggest making sure of their wholesome nutrition and preventing unnecessary exposures to certain kind of vaccines, heartworm, flea and tick preventives, and steering clear of chemicals such as fertilizers, pesticides, and herbicides.

After reading the following, South Bellmore Veterinary Group is confident that you’ll learn more in maintaining the healthy condition of your pets.

Keep a fresh diet. Pets must also maintain this kind of diet. Feed them a variety of whole, fresh and nutritionally dense foods. Experts add that properly prepared and balanced raw diets were the best diets which can include fresh, freeze-dried or dehydrated foods. Second to the best lineup of foods include homemade, cooked diets, along with premium grain-free and most likely gluten-free commercial foods.

Have good nutritional supplements. It is important to have a few additional supplements as well in achieving the best diet for your pets. We know that fatty acids such as omega 3 and omega 6 along with a vitamin/mineral mixture are very important, same with prebiotics and probiotics. Unlike dogs, cats need more taurine and not too much iodine.

In order to reduce the amount of cellular, harmful free radicals that both humans and animals produce every day, supplements mentioned above were necessary since it provides essential antioxidant effects. This way, you can minimize the risk of chronic tissue and cellular stress, infections, and even cancers.

Make sure of the proper vaccine. Experts told South Bellmore Veterinary Group, not to over-vaccinate pets and core vaccinations should be given at the right time. In order to protect your adorable pets throughout their lives, it is pivotal to have initial puppy and kitten vaccines for core diseases. Experts added that it should not be done at an early stage such as before six weeks and not until 8.5 to 10 weeks because there’s a huge possibility that the vaccines will be neutralized by the puppy or kitten’s leftover maternal immunity if vaccinated at a very early stage.

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In addition, vaccines especially the killed vaccines have other components and preservatives such as mercury, fetal calf serum, and additives which can bring damaging effects. It’s also said by some experts that other non-core vaccines are optional where giving such to your pets is based on the exposure risk of the place you live along with your lifestyle. Don’t get too attached on the current news or media hype. On a different note, we know that rabies vaccines are a necessity and it is said in the law that pets should take it as early as 12 weeks or as late as 24 weeks. It also advised that is should be given separately from other vaccines.

Some experts have been through a lot of cases of over-vaccinated pets. It is not often required or recommended to take annual booster vaccines especially if the puppy or kitten has been truly immunized. Other experts suggest taking serum antibody vaccine titers taken through a blood draw to learn about the level of a pet’s immunities.

Keep your pet’s mind active. Physical activities are very important for both humans and pets, but also mental stimulation. Make sure to include tasks, praise and some basic training such as sitting and staying whenever you’re doing a regular exercise and playtime with your pets. Nowadays, a lot of owners were often too tired or too distracted with their busy schedules so they don’t spend ample time with their loved pets. South Bellmore Veterinary Group suggests leaving the TV on or have a relaxing music whenever you’re leaving your pets alone in your home. On weekends, it would be better to be with everyone and plan group activities together.

Consider a holistic approach. Avoid using chemicals but try more natural approaches and products instead. Do research and find the most natural and safest options for your pets. When it comes to health and medical care of your pets, use an integrative and holistic approach. But when it comes a time that you need the help of a trusted vet like South Bellmore Veterinary Group, never hesitate to get their service.

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