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As a pet owner, you have the responsibility to make sure of the healthy condition and longevity of your beloved animals at all times. Give them wholesome nutrition, and don’t forget to avoid unnecessary exposure to some kind of vaccines, heartworm, and flea and tick preventives. Fertilizers, pesticides, and herbicides should also be avoided in ensuring the best health for your animals.

South Bellmore Veterinary Group is known in Long Island in serving a trustworthy care and service to pets, and with their extensive capabilities, a lot of pet owners have only been going to the group to take care of the concerns of their pets. With the help of a few experts, the group prepared this post to help you in keeping the best health condition of your animals.

Ensure a fresh diet for your pets. Choose to feed them a variety of whole, fresh and nutritionally dense foods. One of the best diets according to most experts include properly prepared and balanced raw food diets, so make sure to include some fresh, freeze-dried or dehydrated foods. It’s also a good idea to have homemade, cooked diets along with premium grain-free and gluten-free commercial foods.

Provide proper and nutritional supplements. Make it a priority to give your pets a good amount of fatty acids such as omega 3 and omega 6, other vitamin/mineral mixture, and most especially, prebiotics and probiotics. Different from dogs, cats need less iodine but more taurine.

Each day, both humans and animals produce cellular, harmful free radicals, which could give rise to the risk of chronic tissue and cellular stress, infections, and even cancers. But with the supplements mentioned earlier, you can lessen that risk because such provide important antioxidant effects.

Choose the right vaccination. Avoid over-vaccinating your pets and core vaccinations should be done at the right time. South Bellmore Veterinary Group wanted your puppies or kittens to take initial vaccines for core diseases to guarantee their protection from our complicated environment. Make sure to not take them for such important vaccines at a very early age like before six weeks. Your puppy or kitten surely has a leftover maternal immunity that can neutralize the vaccines so wait until 8.5 to 10 weeks.

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Other vaccines could bring harmful effects (e.g. killed vaccines) because of its components and preservatives such as mercury, fetal calf serum, and additives. Are you considering non-core vaccines for your pets? You should think twice about it and put into place the exposure risk of your place and your overall lifestyle. You must be very careful with your decisions and don’t solely base it on some news or media hype.

You are as well required by the law to make your pets take rabies vaccines as early as 12 weeks or as late as 24 weeks. Yearly booster vaccines were not entirely needed if your puppy or kitten had been truly immunized, which is also considered to not over-vaccinate them. You may learn about your pet’s immunities through a blood draw with serum antibody vaccine titers.

Promote an active mind to your pets. Animals also need mental stimulation along with physical activities. South Bellmore Veterinary Group advises to do regular exercise or playtime with your pets and don’t forget to include some tasks, praise, and basic training. As an adult, your busy schedule is understandable and the fact that you need to leave the pets at home whenever you need to work, but at least leave the TV open or leave some good music for the pets to enjoy. On weekends, it would be nice to have activities together.

Go with a holistic approach. Stay away from chemicals and choose natural approaches and products. You must ensure of the most natural and safest options for your treasured animals. Similar to South Bellmore Veterinary Group, you also wanted the best for your pets, and having an integrative and holistic approach can greatly contribute to their positive health and medical care.

Mentioned above were the basics and if there’s a time that you’ll need to get the professional care of a vet, don’t hesitate to come at South Bellmore Veterinary Group.

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