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When it comes to your treasured animals, simply choosing a random vet without careful planning might not give them the best care they deserve. You need to understand that this process requires time and patience. You also need to look up on a few things in choosing the right vet which surely include your current situation and lifestyle. Nowadays, many pet owners use a holistic approach in keeping the best health of their pets.

With the help of South Bellmore Veterinary Group, this article targets to help you in finding the right vet for your pets with simple and easy-to-follow tips. You must take this seriously as if you’re searching for a good family doctor for yourself. Choose the physician that makes you and your pets at ease.


As stated earlier, your lifestyle greatly contributes to your decision, but also, of course, the needs of your pets. It is much better if the style and training of the veterinarian match your belief and the needs of your pets. Veterinarians can also vary from their area of specialization where others focus on dermatology, while some on nutrition or integrative medicine. If your pet was considered exotic, then choose a vet that has a special training for that kind of animal. Veterinarian medicine has now developed to include different practices such as holistic care, acupuncture as well as having a raw diet for your pets. In learning on how to cook delicious food for your lovely pets, you should seek the guidance of someone with a nutrition background.


If the vet offers more scope for convenience then it would be very helpful for you and your pets. Try to find a location that has weekend and evening hours which is also close to work or home. It can be an advantage as well if the place offers book appointments online and drop-off care. If an emergency care is not available in a certain place, determine if it has a relationship with others that provide that kind of service.


You should choose a vet that offers a friendly pet care and environment as well. A number of animal hospitals and offices have been using “fear free practices” that may include having a special waiting room for cats or using pheromone plug-ins or sprays that can calm down animals. South Bellmore Veterinary Group builds a lasting relationship with the owners and their pets all the time, so it is also advised for you to have positive, good relationships with the doctors, vet techs, and front office staff. It would be lovely to have an extended family within the vet group, right?

Pet service

Part of your task in finding the right vet includes determining the vet’s offered services. You might be interested in an animal hospital that provides prescription refill by mail, boarding and injectable and flavored medications, or a place that has a good dental care equipment. And regarding this matter, dentistry had been a huge consideration for many physicians in the past years, and since then, they have been doing more dentistry and dental procedures. You can also rely on a vet that offers packages that may consist of vaccines and a complimentary dose of heartworm medication for a new puppy or kitten. Whoever you choose, it would be a bonus if he can direct you to a puppy trainer as well.

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South Bellmore Veterinary Group also believes that you need to put some effort in finding the right vet for your pets, so do your own research and find online reviews as well, but don’t solely base your decisions on the testimonials of people. You must witness on your own how the physician interacts with the owners and their pets and how the pets see the doctor. Determine if the vet and his place offer overnight boarding too and if it has good preventive care plans or insurance resources.

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