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Of all of the spaces in your home, the bathroom is one of the most frequently used rooms on a daily basis. From getting ready in the morning to preparing yourself for bed, the bathroom is an essential part of your home. Since it plays such an important part of the day, wouldn’t you want to enjoy your bathroom as much as possible? An upgrade may be in your future if you feel that your bathroom could be a more useful and enjoyable place. To accomplish this improvement goal, there are several options that you can consider performing to your bathroom. During the planning process for bathroom upgrades, make sure you put some thought into any accessibility issues. Physical conditions can make the daily act of entering and exiting a bathtub a difficult situation for many people. If the act of your daily bathing routine is being affected by bathtub accessibility, consider getting a walk-in shower. A tub-to-shower conversion can add ease of accessibility to your bathing area, reducing the struggle with daily bathing. If wheelchair access is needed, you can look into getting a roll-in shower to increase bathing area accessibility. A quick internet search can produce a list of companies that can help with tub to shower conversions. A walk-in bathtub may also provide solutions to accessibility issues, especially if you prefer tub bathing over showers. If the act of sitting low in a bathtub is a problem, a walk-in tub solves this by having a much higher seating surface. A swing-open watertight door is also a common feature on walk-in tubs, eliminating the need to hike legs over tub walls. For additional comfort, walk-in-tubs will typically have a number of water jets located to target various body parts. However, walk-in tubs are typically expensive and may not be a good option for a household on a tight budget. If you are OK with having a bathtub, but your current bathtub and walls are looking outdated, consider a tub surround. Your bathroom can receive a fresh look in as fast as a day, as the installers place the surround over your existing tub. The mold and mildew resistant properties of acrylic bathtub surrounds often make them easier to keep clean. To save even more money you can opt to just have a bathtub liner placed over your tub, and leave the walls alone. Searching the internet can present you with a list of these alternate bath remodeling solutions. If your goal is a low-cost solution to freshening up your bathroom, there are several cheaper solutions to consider. Your local home improvement store likely sells bathtub paint, which can provide a new, durable coating for your tub. Once the bathtub paint has cured, it will harden and look like the original paint that came with your bathtub. To complete your bathing area update, you can put in a new shower liner and replace your existing fixtures with new ones. With the bathing area finalized, you can re-paint the bathroom walls and buy new towels to a color of your liking.










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