Golfing Essentials for Beginners: More than Just Putting Balls into Holes Sports

Fancy hitting a ball into small 18 holes in a course in as few strokes as possible? To the uninitiated or if you are a beginner, golf can seem like a very complicated sport. With so many rules to remember and so many different types of equipment needed, playing golf can be overwhelming for beginners. Hence, the goal of this article is to serve as a guide to simplify the beautiful game of golf for beginners.

No Need for Top-Grade Equipment
Having the right equipment is important for you to improve your game but that does not mean you need to empty your savings to get premium ones, especially if you are just starting out in this sport. Instead, you should look for equipment that enables you to improve your skills without needing to spend too much. You can always start investing in better equipment in the future when you are more familiar with the game. For example, it is not necessary to buy golf clubs from the top brands in the market; any brand will do so long as you can use them to play well on the golf course.

Just Buy What You Need
Unlike professionals or veteran players, you do not need a complete set of golf clubs at your disposal; all you need are necessary ones to pull off your shots. As a beginner, you can start with a set consisting of a driver, a putter, a sand wedge, a 6-iron, an 8-iron, a pitching wedge, and a fairway wood. Rather than brand or quality, what is moreimportant is the comfort and feel that the clubs can provide. They should be able to match your body size and swing so that you will be able to improve faster.
Rather than brand or quality, what is more important is the comfort and feel that the clubs can provide.

Comfort is Key
Besides having a reliable set of golf equipment, you should also ensure that you are comfortable while playing golf. As golf requires players to walk around quite frequently, having a good pair of golf shoes is essential. They give your feet the traction and comfort you need when walking around the course as well as hitting shots from the bunker and rough.

Besides a good pair of golf shoes, basic golf apparel is also necessary on the course, not only to adhere the dress codes on public and private golf courses but also to ensure that you can play comfortably. A typical set of golf attire consists of a polo shirt, golf pants or khakis, a hat, socks, and golf shoes is sufficient for beginners. You should also consider wearing gloves as they help to improve your grip, enabling to play more accurately. They also help to protect your hands from splinters and tree branches.

Not All Balls are Equal
You might think that since all golf balls look the same, there is no difference amongst them. There are balls that offer better spin or compression stats but they tend to be costlier. As a beginner, you should focus on finding affordable balls as there is a high chance that you might lose a few of them while playing anyway.

Prepare for the Unpredictable
As golf is an outdoor sport, there will definitely be times when you will encounter unpredictable weather conditions such as sudden rain or scorching heat. You need to be prepared for these occasions which is why you should have an umbrella with you to protect yourself against rain and the sun’s rays. Besides that, you should also protect your equipment by keeping them in waterproof golf bags and covers as seen below.

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