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Scene 1
Guddan says Alisha is planning something else. Her real plan is something else. She said she will kill Vikrant to distract me. She is planning something big. Laxmi says what could her plan be?
Alisha looks at Guddan and says my real plan would just start now with this pawn. Alisha looks at a girl and says wow very happy for the wedding? She is Vikrant’s fiance. She says why are you here? Alisha says this is my house. The girl says you’re AJ’s daughter and I respect you because of that. I have no respect for you otherwise. Stay away from me and Vikrant. Alisha says I should stay away from you and your wedding? You know you all think I am an idiot kid. But no one can stop me. She says do whatever you want with your family. Stay away from my husband. Alisha says you won’t marry that vikrant so he is not your husband yet. I will marry him. The girl says what? Alisha says I will marry him instead of you. She faints her. She falls down. Perv comes in and says what did you say? You will marry Vikrant? Alisha says yes. The killing plan was to marry him. I said all that to distract Guddan. Perv says are you out of your mind? You’re only 18. He is an old man. Alisha says you’re saying that? If I marry him AJ won’t be able to see all this and he won’t be able to show his face anywhere. They will die every day when they see Vikrant as my husband. Perv says this can backfire and ruin your life. Alisha says my only mission is to ruin their lives. It’s not a big deal for me. Perv says AJ won’t let you do that. Alisha says Guddan can marry AJ? I can’t marry Vikrant? Perv says wow you are doing Guddan’s trick on her? This is the second time this girl couldn’t marry Vikrant. everyone will think it’s her but it would be you under the ghunghat. Alisha says Guddan and AJ won’t even know. They would be so hurt. Perv says this is how I got AJ married to Guddan. And now her daughter will do the same. Alisha says with this dress I will ruin your life Guddan.
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Guddan says I can’t figure what is Alisha planning. But we have to keep an eye on her. Laxmi comes to alisha’s room. She says I have to tell Guddan she isn’t here. Perv stops Laxmi. Laxmi says what are you doing here. Move from my way. He says no, I won’t let you ruin Alisha’s plan. I can’t let you go. You can pray for the couple from here. You have to be locked in this room. Laxmi says this is wrong. Perv says I am a wrong human. There would be a big drama downstairs. It’ll be a memorable wedding. He locks Laxmi.
Scene 2
AJ comes to Vikrant and says why are you not ready yet? AJ says are you missing bhabhi? He says am I doing wrong? Would it be unfair to her? AJ says I felt exactly the same. But it’s everyone’s right to move on. I am not asking you to forget her but you can give love another chance. I was so lost in the past. Then Guddan came to my life and brought me back to life. She gave me a new meaning of life. Bhabhi would be happy for you. Promise me you will keep the new bhahi happy. Vikrant says I will keep my second wife very happy too. I promise you that.

Perv shoves Laxmi and locks the door. Laxmi sees the bride fainted there. Perv hits her on the head. She faints too. Perv ties her hands and locks the door. Perv says this is all Alisha’s plan. This would be fun when AJ and Guddan see Alisha under that ghunghat. Laxmi tries to release her hand. Laxmi says oh God Alisha’s plan was to marry Vikrant. I have to stop this and tell Guddan.
Guddan comes to the bride. She says you’e ready already. Why do you have ghughat drawn already? Alisha gives her a letter. It says my mom has asked me to keep ghunghat and not to talk till the wedding is over. Guddan says it’s such a big day for you. I won’t let anyone hinder it. I will get ready. Guddan leaves. Alisha says I will ruin your life Guddan.
Precap-Guddan brings the bride downstairs. She says where is Laxmi? Guddan sees a letter slipped out of the room. She reads it.

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