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Cheap way of hard skin removal 
2010-10-01 12:58:58
Cheap way of hard skin removal My Australian friend told me this method. First, take a foot bath about 10 minutes to make your foot skin soft. Next, put some brown sugar and salad oil into a bowl and mix ...続きを読む
Falling asleep easily 
2010-09-17 11:54:35
INSOMNIA? Me too. But try an ultrasonic machine on your forehead and the area around your ears. Ultrasonic waves make you reluxed and you will fall asleep much quicker than before! At the same time, yo ...続きを読む
Easy way to take powdered medicine 
2010-09-10 14:20:07
Children hate medicine, in particular powdered medicine! Here is a good way to let little ones take power medicine. You need - 1 slice of wafer - water - a bowl The method 1. Pour some wate ...続きを読む
When water comes into your ear. 
2010-09-09 16:45:50
When water comes into your ear!! Have you ever got water in your ear when you were diving in a bathtub or a swimming pool. That's a really annoying feeling. What do you do when this happens to you? Jump on one le ...続きを読む



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