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How to Turn A Vacuum Cleaner Into an Air Conditioner 
2011-08-11 11:00:40
The Key to this being successful is to have a Wind Tunnel type cacuum cleaner with attichments. You need two basic necessities for this to be an excellent source of ice cold air for a super HOT SUMMER. You need a hose ...続きを読む
How to make your room cool 
2010-09-30 14:55:26
Let me tell you how to do without air-conditioning in summer. What you need. A large plastic bottle, water, fan. That's all. How to make your room cool. 1.Fill the plastic bottle with water and freeze it in ...続きを読む
Stuck chewing gum 
2010-09-10 14:25:18
How to take a chewing gum out of clothes It's annoying when a chewing gum gets stuck to a shirt. Here is a solution for it. You only need a nail polish remover! Put some nail polish remover on a p ...続きを読む



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