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Traveling Jakarta 
2015-06-08 17:49:15
Being in Jakarta, you have to stay a week or two to fully understand and see the whole of the city. Despite it being one of the buzzing busy streets in Indonesia, there are also a lot of sights to visit to experience t ...続きを読む
Once on a Foreign Land 
2015-04-29 12:41:08
When staying in a foreign land, there are a lot of things to be worried about. Of course, you are out of your comfort zone and if you have a daily routine that your follow, it would be much worse. Also, difference in lan ...続きを読む
Micron Associates Travel Guide 101: Packing tips 
2015-02-24 20:36:28
Whether it's for work or for leisure, we all need (love) to travel at some point. And one of the things that require utmost planning and attention is packing your bags in such a way as to avoid hassles on your trip. For ...続きを読む
Jakarta Nightlife and Entertainment 
2014-07-31 17:16:10
Jakarta occupied by people from transversely the Indonesian archipelago and yonder, is a melting pot of cultures then so bids an extensive variety of entertainment choices to go well with all likings. You may arrange a t ...続きを読む
Lovin’ Jakarta: Westhill Consulting Travel and Tours Blog 
2014-04-24 13:28:59
You may love it or some may hate it, but Jakarta is definitely making an impression. But one thing is for sure, if you look beyond the noise and chaos, you will discover a thrilling city with unique charms that may ...続きを読む
The Corliss Group Travelers Tips: Best Urban Beaches for Kids 
2014-03-12 16:32:03
Readers' travel tips: best urban beaches for kids Source: London, Paris, New York - when the sun comes out, they’ve a ...続きを読む
Read Traveler Reviews 
2014-02-26 12:37:18
User-review sites have changed the way most people plan their travel, giving us an enormously useful tool for evaluating hotels, restaurants, tourist attractions and the is the big kahuna, with mo ...続きを読む
Trip Tips: Hollywood, home of the Oscars Westhill Consulting Jakarta Travel and Tours 
2014-02-25 13:41:08 The dessert table featuring miniature Oscar statues coated with 24k gold dust are pictured during the 86th Oscars Governors Ball press preview in Hollywood, California February 20, 2014 ...続きを読む
Westhill Consulting Travel & Tours Singapore is proud to announce personalized escorted tours 
2014-02-20 14:58:36
From: Almond Harrington Blog| Thinking of the first to do in a foreign city on your first day? You may try being adventurous, come what may and do whatever. Or why not, let us organize your tou ...続きを読む
International Newport Group Runway: Hvordan å reise som en mote insider i Milano 
2013-11-28 11:20:39
Melanie Payge vet elite shopping stopper i denne mote industrien Mekka fra alle sider av gaten, som tidligere redaktør av den italienske utgaven av GQ, en tidligere rektor Cartier boutiquehotellet på byens mest fasjona ...続きを読む
How to find the best Niagara Falls Hotel and spend less 
2012-03-17 23:41:53
If you are considering traveling to Niagara Falls it is a good idea to consider some of the local hotels in Niagara Falls. There are a lot of excellent hotels and accommodation options from luxury hotels to bed and ...続きを読む



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